Compiling Apache mod_python module for Centos 7 / Redhat 7


Check_mk continues to use to date (December 2014) the old python module for Apache mod_python than is discontinued now. It is a module that started to discard distributions for the more update mod_wsgi module. The more new versions of the most popular linux distros do not include this module so if you need it you’ll have to compile it yourself.
This may change so before compiling looking if there is already a package for your linux distro.
Tests in this posts were made with with SELINUX disabled. Careful with Firewalld so you can access your 80 port too.

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Monitoring vSphere ESXi servers with Nagios and check_mk plugins.

Since 1.2.3i1 version, check_mk include a very interesting plugin to check vSphere ESXi servers. We can read documentation about this fantastic plugin in official check_mk page.

Check_mk vSphere plugin allow to access ESXi data directly from ESXi servers or via vCenter.

Let’s see how to do the configuration of the vSphere ESXi, and vCenter servers check_mk plugin.

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Nagios 4 (core) + Check_mk + pnp4Nagios + Nagvis


Since Nagios 4 version release there was an important addon update pending. Recently, check_mk released its innovation version check_mk-1.2.5i2 including MK Livestatus with compatibility with Nagios Core 4. We need therefore check_mk-1.2.5i2 or higher to run check_mk with Nagios Core 4.


In aboutmonitoring we are going to build and test a monitoring system with probably the more interesting and powerful utilities for Nagios. We need compile Nagios 4 because there is not packages in usual distros yetand because we prefer the lastest versions for testing. If you are looking for to install same software in Centos 7 look at Nagios Core 4 + PNP4Nagios + Check_mk + Nagvis in CentOS 7 – Redhat 7

Software components used in this test:

Tested with SELINUX disabled!!!

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